Our Services

Water treatment is a niche market so we strive to differentiate our business by providing a high level of customized service with innovative easy to use products. We believe “service” extends past the initial investment and deliver ongoing technical advice and and support for the life of our products ensuring  “peace of mind” for our clients. Our systems are designed to provide simple operation for all levels of technical ability so that anyone can operate and maintain our water treatment systems.


We offer a complete turnkey service for our clients including:


  • Analyzing your water source – we test your water at an approved NATA lab to understand your water chemistry
  • Design and scope of works – once we know your requirements, we design a tailored scope of works
  • Pricing quotation – pricing is determined and optimized to meet your budget
  • Assembly – upon acceptance, components are sourced and assembly commences
  • Installation – will occur as soon as is practicable
  • Commissioning and training– the system is turned on, tested and training is provided
  • Servicing and maintenance –  onsite servicing available including consumables and spare parts
  • Online control and monitoring – our desalination plants can be easily accessed online – we offer 24/7 monitoring if required


Every system is customized to suit your specific application and budget. In most cases, a client will provide an expectation of water volume production required over a certain period of time.


What our clients say!

“Desal Systems installed a desalination plant for use with our bore in an established garden of grand old English and Australian trees, plentiful garden beds, and a large lawn.   They have maintained the desal plant for four years, always with a high degree of  professionalism and expertise.   We are very satisfied with the result. From Patricia Cross”


“We are very pleased with our desalination plant. The team at Desal Systems really know their stuff, and all the advice they gave us during the initial discussions has proven 100% correct over the years. It has performed exactly as specified in the design quote, and is very robustly built. This is a quality machine and is built to last for a long time.From Martin Swanson”

We only use industry leading brands